2022: Statue of Liberty
(Documentary 110 min)

2021: Fetzenleben (165 min)

2016: Timeless (108 min)

2014: Break-Up (89 min)

2010: Menschenliebe (80 min)

2008: Killer-Squirrels (55 min)

2022: Statue of Liberty (Documentary, 110 min)

During corona-lockdown, artist vanderkurth decides to create his "Statue of Liberty".

Produced, written, directed and edited by Alexander Tuschinski
Starring Tomas Kurth aka vanderkurth.

2021: Fetzenleben (165 min)


Roaming around Paris, a man contemplates why his relationship broke apart…

"This feature deftly combines drama with off-beat humor (…) to form a singularly memorable experience for the viewer."
(Independent Filmmakers Showcase Los Angeles)

Produced, written, directed and edited by Alexander Tuschinski
Starring Theresa Mußmacher and Aron Keleta.

2016: Timeless (108 min)


A film about time-travel, girls, art and revolution!
Featuring Helmut Berger, Harry Lennix, Rick Shapiro, Angus Macfadyen, Zachi Noy and many others.

Helmut Berger: Filming a great artist in 2015. Essay by Alexander Tuschinski (3 pages)

Timeless: The Making Of. featuring interviews with Harry Lennix, Rick Shapiro, Tinto Brass, Miles Hunter, Hugo Niebeling and many others (On Youtube)
Produced, written, directed and edited by Alexander Tuschinski

2014: Break-Up (89 min)


"The films of Alexander are a new kind of film, of showing what can come out from the editing. It is good" (Tinto Brass - Director: Dropout / La Vacanza)

"The film is youth times youth. (...) A fantastic film, a joy to watch!"
(Hugo Niebeling, Oscar-Nominated director)

"Stunning" (Oregon Independent Film Festival)

Break-Up: The Making Of, featuring interviews with Tinto Brass, Hugo Niebeling, Sebastian B, Jennifer Pakosch and others (on Youtube)
Produced, written, directed and edited by Alexander Tuschinski

2010: Menschenliebe (80 min)


"One of the best films we have ever screened at IFS." (...) "Alexander Tuschinski’s work of comedic genius (...) resembles the early work of Woody Allen in the best possible way."
(Independent Filmmakers Showcase, Hollywood)

"We recommend strongly that you see (...) Menschenliebe. This film brilliantly shifts between dramatic realism and Pythonesque absurdist comedy." (Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival)

"The kafkaesk story (...) was apparently well received by the audiences comprised of industry experts." (Stuttgarter Zeitung about screenings in the USA)

"A film of style and wit." (Miles Kreuger, President: The Institute of the American Musical Theatre)

Menschenliebe: The Making Of (on Youtube)
Written, produced, directed and edited by Alexander Tuschinski

2008: Killer-Squirrels (53 min)

Alexander Tuschinski’s first film which he produced while still attending school.

"Hilarious (...) In his first comedic feature (...) Mr. Tuschinski explores the world of slapstick comedy (...) to create a humanistic slapstick odyssey."
(Independent Filmmakers Showcase, Hollywood)

"I filmed Killer-Squirrels from May till July of 2008, simply because I thought it was a fun idea. At that time, I didn’t realize that this film would teach me all the basics of filmmaking and therefore be the foundation of all the things to come. It includes a lot of topics that I explored more thoroughly in my later films, and makes audiences laugh with its absurd characters and deliberately strange production design. I am always nostalgic when watching this film - and proud that this was my first longer project."
(Alexander Tuschinski, 2016)

Written, produced, directed and edited by Alexander Tuschinski
Original music written and performed by Alexander Tuschinski